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A long-time love of Hello Parry, Michelle blogs over at A Minute Away From Snowing on all things fashion, travel and lifestyle, as well as for Vogue Australia via their Spy Style blogging network.
Since we are always so inspired by her effortless style and knack for combining high street finds with her designer classics, we caught up with Michelle on her wardrobe essentials, current obsessions, and what's currently trending on her Hello Parry radar. 

How did A Minute Away From Snowing start?
A Minute Away From Snowing came about as a fluffy, superficial, peripheral escape from the 9-5 daily grind and has become a little place where I share my wanderlust and inspiration for all things fashion, lifestyle and travel. After working on it for years as a side hobby, I recently decided to give up the day job to start freelancing as well as give my blog 100% focus. It's something I've always wanted to do and I can't wait to see how far I can take it. I'm working on a few exciting freelancing projects at the moment, which I owe all of it to the late nights and weekends I've spent working on my blog over the past few years. It's been such a long but rewarding road but it's a huge passion of mine that it never really feels like work.

Describe your personal style in one sentence:
If you asked my husband - all messy hair and mismatched socks; but on a good day, I try to dress classic, smart, French voguette-inspired and casually sophisticated with a twist.

What's on your bedside table?
My Kindle, a couple of Wallpaper travel guides for my upcoming Europe holiday, a Diptyque candle, and a framed photo of my grandparents from the 1950s.

How would you spend your last $50?
Flowers and breakfast at Mary Street Bakery with my best friend.

What five items would make up your perfect wardrobe?
A striped breton top, Chloe ankle boots, an oversized coat, my Celine Trio in dark navy, and black matchstick trousers.

Current obsessions?
Packing lists, burning my favourite candles before bed, coats that feel like a warm hug on a cold winter's day, bikram yoga after a long day in front of the computer, and wrapping my hands around a mug of Ginger Spice tea from T2 (a new favourite of mine - the cinnamon, ginger and orange notes work so deliciously with warm milk).

What three items are on your Hello Parry wishlist?
Tiffany Mint Oversize CoatStella Tunic Dress, and the black Savi Lace Cut Out Skirt which I'd style with an oversized, chunky sweater.  


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