SPRING RACING // How will you make your statement this season?

Flutter Headband - Grey   

                                                             Polkadot Veil Wide Visor-Periwinkle With White                                                                                                                                                  Polkadot Veil Wide Visor- Pink
                                                                      Feather Phonic Headband- Grey                                                                   Diamond Net Visor - Lilac

Feather Phonic Headband- Black

Pictures: Eden Gan

Spring Racing Season is approaching: How will you make your statement?

As the weather warms up in Australia, and flowers go into full bloom we all know what time it is… Spring Racing!  Here at HELLO PARRY we are excited to be in collaboration with RENY KESTEL to bring elegance, beauty, and style to your head piece this season.  Additionally these four styles, with color ways exclusive to HELLO PARRY arrive boxed and ready for race day!

Match your head piece with looks such as the Simona Mesh FlutedDress (featured in The West Australian), Pamela double Breasted Waistcoat and, Canzo Leopard Print Dress.   

Contributor; Steph of HELLO PARRY
Instagram: stephandmore 

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